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3 incs disband join enemy

Tribe name:3 incs disband join enemy
Number of members:3
Points of the best 20 players307.736
Total points:307.736
Average points:102.579
Preferred languages:
Opponents defeated: 1.127.123 (109.)
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Tribe members

Name Rank Points Global Rank Villages
HoboHunter1001 1 193,242 140 20
paulusbassius2 2 82,584 192 10
goplayfarmville 3 31,910 256 9
I currently have 3 incs from some guy i've never heard of 60 hours away so I'm not sure what to do Leadership have tried our hardest (as you can see, we've collectively gained 19k OD in the last 2 months, so its been tough) and are out of options